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Thai Hom-Mali Rice (15 Kg - 33 Ib)

Thai Hom-Mali Rice / 泰國茉莉香米 / ข้าวหอมมะลิไทย / Gạo thơm lài

Thai Hom-Mali Rice, also known as Thai Jasmine Rice, is perhaps the most famous type of Thai rice known globally. It has a long grain with moist and soft texture after cooking. Its unique quality is perhaps the pandan aromatic scent while being cooked. The rice was first grown in Thailand, which remains home to the best quality Thai Hom-Mali Rice. Thai Hom-Mali Rice is annually grown and can be harvested only once a year during the months of October to November.

Steamed Thai Hom-Mali Rice is an ideal companion to stir-fried, grilled, fried, curry, or braised food items.



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Thai Hom-Mali Rice / 泰國茉莉香米 / ข้าวหอมมะลิไทย / Gạo thơm lài 15 Kg – 33 Ib


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