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Chaao Fragrant Rice (15 Kg - 33 Ib)

Chaao Fragrant Rice / Chaao香米 / ข้าวหอม Chaao / Gạo thơm CHAAO

Chaao Fragrant Rice, our signature rice, is a strain developed in-house. Chaao then work relentlessly with local Thai rice farmers in every production process to ensure the result is the absolute best quality Fragrant Rice in the market. It is moist and soft when cooked, along with a pleasant texture and a subtle nutty sweet note. Chaao Fragrant Rice is grown and harvested at the foothills of mountains in central Thailand where the soil is rich with nutrients. Our rice farmers make sure every grain is filled with amazing flavor, texture, and life-giving nutrition, worthy of your family members and your restaurants. This is the quality you can trust.

Steamed Fragrant Rice is best with stir-fried, grilled, fried, curry, or braised food items.



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Chaao Fragrant Rice / Chaao香米 / ข้าวหอม Chaao / Gạo thơm CHAAO


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